Home Ownership Day 3: Painting & Kitchen Cleaning

by Sami

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It’s Day 3 of home ownership for us and we’re already starting on painting and cleaning the kitchen!

Yes, we are blessed that we have about a month before we have to be out of our old place, so we really want to do things right so that once our furniture is in, we’re done!

The painting has started (ceilings first) and so mom and I are starting the cleaning in the kitchen…

Some tips on cleaning, even if you’re not moving right now, but holds especially true when cleaning the kitchen:
1. Clean from top to bottom and side to side
2. Move appliances away from the wall and clean behind them, as well as the areas that have been covered
3. Use hot, soapy water to wipe down the outside and inside of drawers & cabinets.

Do you have any tips on cleaning the kitchen quickly and effectively?

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