The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll: a Fashion Show Reward!

by Sami

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Kariss just walked in a fashion show this past weekend and I thought a fun reward for a job well done would be a Barbie doll that went along with the theme perfectly: the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll!


You see, for as long as I can remember, Kariss has always been into fashion. I don’t say that simply because she’s always loved picking out her own outfits like most little girls do, but she’s always had a keen eye for fashion. So much so that our first friend that babysat her loved to watch her just to get advice on her own outfits!

At the age of 3, Kariss would literally question her when she walked in, asking things like, “Why are you wearing those earrings with that dress?” or “I think your heels should be higher with that outfit”.

Her passion for fashion soon morphed into a love of art. She started designing her own ‘look books’ that she would then send to my mom with specific colors, fabric choices and sizes asking her to sew her latest collection.

Not only after that, she developed a fondness for taking pictures of her fashions. A mogul in the making while still in elementary school!

So when I learned about the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll, I thought it was the perfect choice for my daughter. After all, it combined a character she already knew and loved with something she’s been asking for, but we weren’t about to spend hundreds of dollars on: a camera. So when I learned it was under $50 for this Barbie, camera and photo software, I couldn’t believe it.


So after being a model herself this weekend, we wanted to reward her with something she could use to further develop her own artistic abilities.

She couldn’t believe it! Check out her reaction:

After tearing into the package, she started taking pictures right away (even though the instructions warn to charge the doll for a full 2 hours before using. Not to manufacturer – it’s hard to make a cool kids toy, give it to your child, and then take it away from them for two hours… but I digress…).

You look directly on Barbie’s t-shirt to take the pictures and then the pictures show up there for you to preview:


First she took a picture of one of her own outfit creations:


Then she discovered Barbie’s tool belt, where you can literally choose one of many frames to jazz up your picture before taking it. She chose this one for her pet octopus:


And I thought this was clever of one of her own Barbie’s:


But then the photos took an entirely different turn. Kariss couldn’t wait to turn the camera onto her dad and her brother while they were ‘battling’ (the term we use in our family for a classic Star Wars lightsaber duel). So the fashion spread she originally intended on shooting soon turned into a photo shoot of epic proportions!

First she put the boys on a Barbie background:

barbie-britton-daddyThen she found a background that embodied the force:

And finally, she chose the four square template to showcase daddy using the force choke-hold on her brother. Clever.

As you can see, the pictures are 125 x 125, so are not of the highest quality. We haven’t tried printing any out yet, though I think she wants to work on a fall journal/scrapbook, so we may try doing that and letting you know how that turns out in another post.

This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. Mattel product and additional incentives were provided to me.  I only agreed to write the post because I thought the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll was something I would buy for my daughter anyway 🙂 All opinions stated are my own.

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