The Daily Dash: April 5, 2018 {Who Sent Me #AquaNotes?} @ShowerThinker

by brenna

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I received the one thing I’ve always wanted today…

The Daily Dash: April 5, 2018 {Who Sent Me #AquaNotes?} @ShowerThinker

* Washington family crashes over a cliff; 6 kids still missing
* Patriot’s Julian Edelman stops potential school shooting
* Tiger Woods returns to the Masters

Never be afraid when God brings you back to your past – Oswald Chambers

For years, literally every time I’m asked what gift I want for a major holiday, I have one response (other than pens & Sharpies): “I want a way to be able to take notes in the shower”.

I have multiple notebooks at any given moment in my life, but I truly get some of my best ideas in the shower and by the time I dry off, they’re gone! I’ve tried dry erase markers, but the tile is too wet. I’ve tried keeping a notebook outside the shower, but you can imagine how that’s turned out.

Then all of a sudden I opened my mail today to find an incredible gift: Aqua Notes! It’s literally a pencil and paper pad you can suction to the shower wall that works while wet! Some writing angel must have heard my plea and sent me this gift from writer heaven. If it was one of you, I’d love to know who you are so I can thank you. Please know it is SO appreciated and I cannot wait to share all my shower wisdom with you in the near future!

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The Daily Dash: April 5, 2018 {Who Sent Me #AquaNotes?} @ShowerThinker

Hope you make it a great day!

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