The Daily Dash: August 22 2014 {#IceBucketChallenge for @OCC_Shoeboxes & @Op300}

by Sami

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In today’s Daily Dash video, August 22 2014, I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to participate in the #IceBucketChallenge (i.e. “Cold Water Challenge” as originally put forth to me by my friend Susie Mydock in Florida)….

The Daily Dash: August 22 2014 {#IceBucketChallenge for @OCC_Shoeboxes & @Op300}

I was originally challenged by Susie at the end of May, but this was before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took off and I was intimidated by the pool they made out of their trailer, so I never fulfilled the challenge.

But that changed today…

Encouraged by the ease of the ice bucket and inspired by the work of the great charity that originally prompted their challenge (Operation 300), I’m not only fulfilling the challenge tonight and donating to Operation 300, but I’m also donating to another amazing operation…Operation Christmas Child.

Whatever cause you choose to donate your money, time and…warmth to, just make sure you do it!

I’m also calling out ALL my bloggers, Doug & Jaci from the Family Friendly Morning Show, Tiffany Lee (& any of the Plumb crew not already challenged) and my spiritual mama, Jackie Kendall.

My son also took $100 out of his save bank for him & his sister after I challenged him, and he in turn challenged The Newsboys, Colton Dixon, Lecrae and his friend Dean Gray.

My daughter then challenged Jamie Grace and her friends Clementine Lee & Lauren Robble.

To recap, here are all our Ice Bucket Challenge videos:
Sami Cone:
Britton Cone:
Kariss Cone:

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