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The Daily Dash: August 24 2015 {Unpacked & PreSeason}

In today’s Daily Dash video, August 24 2015, It’s a gorgeous Monday in Nashville where we are celebrating our first NFL preseason win with the windows down…

The Daily Dash: August 24 2015 {Unpacked & PreSeason}

* Will Biden run for President?
* Indy car driver in coma
* Tracy Morgan gets married
* Football pre-season began! Titans win first home game

* My husband took the kids on the road with him this weekend, giving me and my mom some much needed time to finish unpacking, or at least get as much done as we could, without having to entertain anyone else. While there is still a lot we would like to do and many boxes in the basement to go through, I can honestly say the main living areas and bedrooms are looking pretty darn good.

* And to make me even happier, the Titans won their first preseason game last night, but who am I kidding, I’m just happy that football is starting again. It means we are that much closer to fall. And speaking of cooler weather, it is absolutely gorgeous here in Nashville today!

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The Daily Dash: August 24, 2015 {Unpacked & PreSeason}

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