The Daily Dash: February 16 2015 {Snowpocalypse Nashville}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, February 16 2015, we got a cold welcome home and while Nashville isn’t getting all the snow we thought, it’s icy enough to keep my mom in Nashville a few more days…

The Daily Dash: February 16 2015 {Snowpocalypse Nashville}

* Winter storms reach Nashville
* ISIS linked to 21 beheadings
* Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton 2016 frontrunners
* SNL 40th anniversary celebration last night

* Returned home from the #LLYMICruise on Friday night (video updates to come)
* Saturday was filled with basketball game and searching for a new washing machine
* Had some family health issues yesterday and then made two grocery store trips to prep for today
* Schools already closed for President’s Day, but we didn’t get the 8-10 inches of snow they predicted. Instead, we’re in the midst of a sleet storm that has shut down roads and cancelled flights in and out of Nashville, including my mom’s…so she gets to stay with us until Wednesday now.

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The Daily Dash February 16 2015 {Snowpocalypse Nashville}

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