The Daily Dash: January 2, 2018 {My First Gray Hair}

by brenna

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I noticed something out of the blue for the first time over break…
The Daily Dash: January 2, 2018 {My First Gray Hair} 

* Carrie Underwood admits she’ll “look different” the next time you see her on stage after getting 40-50 stitches on her face following a fall in November
* Muscle Shoals producer Rick Hall has died at the age of 85
* Georgia & Alabama will meet in the College Championship Game on 1/8 after winning their respective semi-final games last night (1st time a Rose Bowl game has ever gone into overtime; it was also the highest scoring Rose Bowl game on record)

Test of faithfulness: learning to worship God even during the difficult circumstances – Oswald Chambers

What a night! Yesterday was filled with college football, but things really started to get interesting about 3:30 when the two semi-final games started. I didn’t really have a team in the mix, but the excitement during the Rose Bowl game about sent me over the edge. I didn’t quite stay awake for all of the Alabama/Clemson game, but that one was a little more one-sided (sorry Aunt Brenda!)

The kids are still out of school, so our schedule isn’t quite regulated yet for the new year, but I did discover something interesting about myself over break: a gray hair! I know, I know, I’m not the most observant person to begin with and pride myself for not paying attention to things like wrinkles (and my skin care regimen only involves coconut oil!), but I couldn’t ignore this one hair that popped up. I haven’t colored or highlighted my hair for years, so I don’t think I’m going to start now, but my prayer is that I turn into a silver fox 😉

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The Daily Dash: January 2, 2018 {My First Gray Hair}

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