The Daily Dash: January 23, 2018 {BIG Family News} #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek #Homeschool

by brenna

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We’ve been keeping something from you…

The Daily Dash: January 23, 2018 {BIG Family News} #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek #Homeschool

* Neil Diamond announces he has Parkinson’s and will retire from touring
* 3 high ranking members of USA gymnastics have resigned
* Oscar nominations announcement
* Goverment shutdown ends

Never let a hurried lifestyle disturb the relationship of abiding in God – Oswald Chambers

In honor of National School Choice Week, we thought it was time to tell you something new about our family: we’ve decided to homeschool our kids for the remainder of the school year. Things were not working out at the school where they were and, despite working with teachers and administrators over the past year to fix things, not enough change was happening.

Ultimately, we had to make the best choice for our kids right now, and this was it. It seems like we’ve tried everything with our kids when it comes to school: homeschool, private and public. But as we’ve been mentored, not only is each child different, each year is different. So tonight we’ll be attending Nashville’s School Choice Fair to look at options for next year. Regardless of what we decide, we are confident this was the right decision for right now and while many adjustments will need to be made, we’re thankful to have this unique time with our kiddos! Thank you for your prayers of support, both for the learning to be rich at home and for wisdom in making the next steps.

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The Daily Dash: January 23, 2018 {BIG Family News} #NationalSchoolChoiceWeek #Homeschool

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