The Daily Dash: January 29, 2018 {Apology to @Logic301 & #BulletinFromGoogle}

by brenna

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I have to apologize to someone I’ve never met and was part of a big announcement…

The Daily Dash: January 29, 2018 {Apology to @Logic301 & #BulletinFromGoogle} 

* Grammy Awards were last night: Bruno Mars wins big & many artists offer emotional performances
* AFC wins Pro Bowl; Von Miller & Delanie Walker take home MVP honors
* Roger Federer wins Australian Open – record-setting 20th Grand Slam title all but cements him as the Greatest Men’s Tennis Player of all time
* President Trump prepares to deliver first State of the Union address

Do not look for God to come in a particular way, but DO look for him- Oswald Chambers – Oswald Chambers

I don’t always watch the Grammy Awards, but I did last night and something really rocked me in an unexpected way. There is a song by Logic that I’ve been hesitant to let my kids listen to because the first chorus essentially repeats, “I just wanna die…”. Not taking time to listen to the song, we usually quickly change the station if it came on.

However, when he performed the song live on the show, I noticed the phone number . As I actually sat and listened to ALL the lyrics for the first time, something dawned on me that I was quickly able to confirm with a Google search: the title of the song, 1-800-273-8255, is actually the number to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Not only was I immediately humbled, but also challenged to think about how I’m using the platform I’ve been given. Not only did he bring light to such an important topic through his music and lyrics, but he made help unmistakeable through the title of the song. It’s already made me stop and reflect and I promise I will find a tangible answer in the near future.

One more thing I haven’t told you about yet: on Thursday night, I showed up to an event that I really didn’t know much about, other than the fact I was invited by Google. As it turns out, Google chose Nashville to announce their latest venture: Bulletin. While it’s not available to everyone everywhere just yet, I shared all the details I know on my blog, as well as the 7 minute video announcement made at the event:

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The Daily Dash: January 29, 2018 {Apology to #Logic & #BulletinFromGoogle}

Hope you make it a great day!

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