The Daily Dash: January 26 2015 {The Toys are Gone!}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, January 26 2015, it was a revolutionary weekend for us, in more ways than one…

The Daily Dash: January 26 2015 {The Toys are Gone!}

* Drone crashes at white house
* Cubs legend Ernie Banks dies of heart attack
* SAG awards last night, as well as Ms. Colombia crowned as Ms. Universe
* Blizzard to hit NorthEast

* LOVING: Friday night I read a story in my friend Ruth’s new book, Living Well Spending Less, about how she got rid of all her kids’ toys after a bout of selfishness, we experienced something similar on Saturday morning. The kids didn’t last more than 15 minutes without complaining, so I calmly walked upstairs, read them the excerpt from Ruth’s book (dealing with how more stuff does not equal more joy) and then informed them we were packing everything up except for Kariss’ American Girl dolls and Britton’s LEGO’s. There was a bit of shock, but honestly, a lot of relief came shortly after. I think they were glad to get rid of the clutter and it helped to focus them. Of course, their age played a big part in the acceptance (8 & 10), but I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how it goes…

* LEARNING: Another big even on Friday night was that we watched “Food, Inc.” together as a family. Not long into it, K started SOBBING after seeing how the animals were being treated on many farms. While we considered turning it off, we were checked and knew that this was exactly the moment where life change happens. The kids insisted we take a family trip to Whole Foods on Saturday, which we did, and I’m proud to say we’ve all been eating (& drinking) a lot more vegetables since! Although we’re always trying to encourage our family to eat healthy, it’s much different for them to hear why from someone else and not just from us as parents.

* DOING: Quite a few deadlines I’m working towards today and this afternoon, my husband and I have been asked to film a testimony for FamilyLife with Dave Ramsey, so we’re proud and honored to be doing that. Today is Kariss’ half birthday, but she’s home sick 🙁 Britton on the other hand will be busy with both gymnastics and basketball tonight!

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The Daily Dash January 26 2015 {The Toys are Gone!}

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Hope you make it a great day!

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