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The Daily Dash: July 19, 2017 {Trying @Stouffers Seasoning Wraps} #NowWereCooking

This may be the answer to a quick and delicious dinner after a hard day at work…

The Daily Dash: July 19, 2017 {Trying @Stouffers Seasoning Wraps} #NowWereCooking 

* White House confirms undisclosed secret meeting with Putin
* OJ Simpson up for parole
* Tropical Storm Hilary forms in the Pacific
* William & Kate visit Poland after visiting Germany yesterday

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If you’ve noticed, I don’t do a lot of product reviews anymore. Quite honestly, I don’t have the time and that’s not the focus of my blog. But when I saw a video about the new Stouffer’s Seasoning Wraps and Sauce Duos, I absolutely had to see if they were the real deal.

Essentially, Stouffer’s Seasoning Wraps use heat-safe parchment paper that is folded and coated with real herbs and spices that you simply place your chicken breast in (like a book) and then cook for about ten minutes per side on the stovetop. It seemed to good to be true. Check it out from start to finish here:

While the Sauce Duos weren’t nearly as magical, they were definitely tasty and my husband appreciated having the sauce for the meat and vegetables. However, I LOVE the concept and result of the Seasoning Wraps. No pressure, but you just might want to check them out next time you’re at the store (and if they’re not in your area yet, hang tight). If you want to learn more, you can visit their site here: https://www.stouffers.com/en/nowwerecooking

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The Daily Dash: July 19, 2017 {Trying @Stouffers Seasoning Wraps} #NowWereCooking

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