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The Daily Dash: July 31 2015 {Disney Descendants premier & giveaway @Descendants2015}

In today’s Daily Dash video, July 31 2015, we received extremely unfortunate news about our car, leading to some interesting circumstances this morning, but the kids are more focused on what’s finally happening tonight…The Daily Dash: July 31 2015 {Disney Descendants premier & giveaway @Descendants2015}

* Beijing selected as host for 2022 Winter Olympics – first city to host both summer AND winter games
* Plane debris found on reunion island headed to France
* Zimbabwe wants American Dentist extradited
* Debate amongst Republican presidential candidates this weekend
* Ascend amphitheater opens tonight in Nashville with Eric Church concert

* We received the news yesterday, and I quote, “It’s time for our car to die”. I suppose we should be happy with the time we had from our 2001 Camry, but it’s quite the inconvenient time to turn into a one car family (not that there’s ever a convenient time).

* Still, we managed to celebrate our annual “girls’ birthday” with Kariss & Clementine who, although four years apart, have birthdays just 2 days apart.

* Today, we have the kids’ school physicals and luckily, the clinic is just a mile away from our house, so it’s close enough to walk to.

* The kids may not be thrilled about that, but they are thrilled about the new Disney Descendants movie premiering tonight on the Disney Channel. I have a chance for you to win the new Disney Descendants dolls, plus see the video where we show them off and talk about why I’m OK with my kids watching it here.

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The Daily Dash: July 31, 2015 {Disney Descendants premier & giveaway @Descendants2015}

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