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The Daily Dash: June 12, 2017 {Crying Spell}

I probably shouldn’t have put make up on this morning…

The Daily Dash: June 12, 2017 {Crying Spell}

* Penguins beat Predators to win the Stanley Cup Final
* AG to sue Trump
* Rafael Nadal wins his 10th French Open title, becoming the first player in the open era to do so
* Kevin Spacey hosted the Tony Awards last night
* Melania & Baron Trump move to the White House

We have to develop godly habits to express what God’s grace has done in us ~ Oswald Chambers

We had a pretty good, albeit busy, weekend. I played tennis and swam with the kids, sent my daughter off to church camp and then watched our precious Nashville Predators lose the Stanley Cup last night. Let me say “Thank You Preds” for all you did for the morale of this city! It’s been a pleasure cheering you on.

I actually taught a class at church yesterday (it was more like facilitating a chapter on prayer). I told about how I’ve been trying to be more sensitive to the ‘in between times’ of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and speak to me. I shared about a dream I had Saturday night and – without going into too much details – how it lead me to Ps 46:10 to “Be still and know that I am God”.

Well…I woke up at 3:28 am crying from a dream I had that involved my dad. My husband has been gone the past couple days and it’s been hard, so as we reconnected this morning, I recounted the dream, along with some thoughts I’ve been having, and the tears started all over again. I will say though, I felt better after letting it all out. If you’re not recording your dreams in the morning or journaling, I would really encourage you to start.

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The Daily Dash: June 12, 2017 {Crying Spell}

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