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The Daily Dash: June 19 2015 {Father’s Day Surprise}

In today’s Daily Dash video, June 19 2015, though camp drop off went smoothly yesterday, we received three phone calls last night from a little man having a little trouble being away from home...

The Daily Dash: June 19 2015 {Father’s Day Surprise}

* Charleston mourning after church shootings
* 2 escaped convicts now on FBI’s most wanted list
* Missing toddler’s body found in flood waters
* Brian Williams speaks out for the first time, Lester Hold names as replacement for Nightly News anchor
* 1st major wildfire of the season in CA

* The kids did great leaving for camp yesterday and somehow it did feel different in the house knowing they weren’t coming home for a couple days.

* However, B called 3 times last night, having trouble falling asleep…but we got the last call right before midnight, so I’m hoping he finally konked out.

* I also spent yesterday designing a Father’s Day Surprise which I can’t tell you much about since my husband may see this, but I can’t wait to update you on Monday with what we did!!!

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The Daily Dash: June 19, 2015 {Father’s Day Surprise}

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