The Daily Dash: June 28, 2018 {Like This Please}

by brenna

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I have a favor to ask because there are exciting things I don’t want you to miss…

The Daily Dash: June 28, 2018 {Like This Please} 

* Supreme Court upholds President’s travel ban
* Father murdered in front of his two young girls at popular CA campground
* 15 people killed and 70 injured in an overnight market fire in Kenya
* National Bomb Pop Day

If you will give God your right to yourself, He will make a holy experiment out of you ~ Oswald Chambers

Friends, I don’t think I’ve ever asked this of you, but I’m going to today because I have so many exciting things I don’t want you to miss in the coming weeks: Will you please like this post?

If you don’t know, Facebook and Instagram have an “algorithm” that determines what you see in what order (things don’t just appear chronologically in your feed anymore). I see a lot of you watch my Daily Dash, but don’t always like, comment or interact. In order for me to keep doing what I do and sharing my adventures and deals with you, I need to hear from you.

So what does that mean? Do one (or all!) of the following for me:

  • “LIKE” this post if you’re watching/reading on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube
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Hey, if this sounds like too much trouble, just keep watching when you can, when you feel like it; but if you wouldn’t mind engaging with me to let me know you’re out there, it would mean a great deal to me.

We’re on the road today to bring you some insider news from Disney World tomorrow and then another exciting announcement on Monday, and with a quick “double-tap” on a heart, you can make sure you won’t miss it! Thanks in advance.

As we drive across states, I pray we can be a light to strangers and that each of us can go out of our way today to brighten someone’s life or lighten their load.

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The Daily Dash: June 28, 2018 {Like This Please}

Hope you make it a great day!

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