The Daily Dash: June 30 2014 {A Weekend of Progress}

by Sami

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In today’s Daily Dash video, June 30 2014, I catch you up on the news and share what a productive weekend I had…

The Daily Dash: June 30, 2014 {A Weekend of Progress}

* Obama to appoint new head of Veterans Affairs
* Bodies of 3 Israeli teens found in West Bank
* Beyonce knocks Oprah off of Forbes #1 spot
* USA to play Belgium in World Cup
* No-one representing USA in 4th round of Wimbledon

* I had a productive weekend! Got the house cleaned, finished a lot of lingering projects, cleaned out closets, did laundry, taught Kariss how to use a sewing machine, made rosemary salt, ate up leftovers, cleaned the fish tank, organized receipts and, oh yeah, played a rousing game of tickle monster on the floor.
* Did a lot of educating ourselves and healthy cooking for our friend Michelle to aid in her cancer recovery. The top things recommended to fight illness? Bone broth, gelatin and fermented vegetables.

Hope you make it a great day!



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