The Daily Dash: March 30 2015 {Website Crash}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, March 30 2015, I may have spent my weekend editing, but I was up late last night with a very different problem…

The Daily Dash: March 30 2015 {Website Crash}

* Ex-girlfriend of German co-pilot interviewed
* Amanda Knox acquitted of murder
* Final Four teams decided #MarchMadness (and I’m not happy about it!)

Loving: That my husband took the kiddos with him on tour this weekend so I could edit (which I was able to almost finish the entire book with the exception of the conclusion), but I’m even happier that they’re all home safe now!

Learning: Not to trust the internet on all things. Duh, right? But my website has been performing poorly since January, so I’ve been relying on online articles to help fix the issue…as well as trusting my web host. I discovered yesterday that my site had crashed and even the 90 minutes spent with tech support didn’t fix the root issue. Upon calling back this morning, I learned more information that I wish was uncovered months ago. What to do? Either find a independent expert you can trust (which I’ve been looking for) or educate yourself so you can be the judge – not what I have time to do right now…

Doing: Finishing editing my book today and getting back on schedule after resisting my urge to do all the household things I typically tackle over the weekend!

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The Daily Dash March 30 2015 {Website Crash}

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Hope you make it a great day!

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