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The Daily Dash: May 13 2014 {@TriDelta & @Sears}

Today’s episode of The Daily Dash: May 13 2014 showcases my almost 20 year old Tri-Delta Sorority shirt and a small rant about Sears customer service…

I think it’s absurd that we’ve been without air conditioning for almost 4 weeks even though we paid to have a PREMIUM warranty through Sears.

If you feel so inclined, I’d love to have you tweet Sears a little message. (Just click the link to tweet it out!)

Hope you all are having a ‘cooler’ day than I am 😉


  1. Delta love Sami! LOL! I still wear that shirt as a PJ shirt and it is huge!

  2. Hilarious Alexis! Why did we wear things so big back then? Especially since we were so little! 🙂