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The Daily Dash: May 13 2015 {Back on the Dash}

In today’s Daily Dash video, May 13 2015, I’m back on the dash and re-entry has been a little harder that I anticipated…

The Daily Dash: May 13 2015 {Back on the Dash}

* Amtrak crash in Philadelphia kills six and injures over a hundred
* Charges dropped against Madison, WI officer who shot unarmed teenager
* Marine helicopter lost amidst tragedy in Nepal

* I’m back filming from the dashboard for the first time in a week! We arrived home safely late last night but had to be up early today because my kids are shadowing at a potential new school, attached to the University where I teach.

I’m catching up on work and emails today, so if you’ve been waiting for a response from me, stay tuned!

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The Daily Dash May 13 2015 {Back on the Dash}

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Hope you make it a great day!