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The Daily Dash: May 15 2015 {Best practices}

In today’s Daily Dash video, May 15 2015, heading back to Lipscomb’s campus for the third day in a row, even though I’m done teaching, for some “best practices” meetings..

The Daily Dash: May 15 2015 {Best practices}

* Wreckage of Marine helicopter found in Nepal, along with bodies of 3 of the 8 on board
* Amtrack engineer agrees to be interviewed by NTSB
* B.B. King dies at 89

*Won a “Jeopardy” game at my daughter’s middle school orientation last night. (Shocker, right?)
*Helping to develop new classes and discuss best practices in others at Lipscomb today.
*Ready for some family fun tonight (even if it means watching ALL my daughter’s videos she made this year in Video Club – God bless our elementary school teachers!)

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The Daily Dash May 15 2015 {Best practices}

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Hope you make it a great day!