The Daily Dash: May 30, 2018 {#SurpriseParty}

by brenna

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I pulled off a BIG surprise last night…

The Daily Dash: May 30, 2018 {#SurpriseParty}

* FBI issues warning to secure your WiFi router
* ABC pulls the plug on Roseanne reboot after offensive tweets
* New study reveals more than 4600 people died from Puerto Rico hurricane last year
* Serena returned to her first Grand Slam since getting married & having a baby (winning her match in a catsuit that made her feel like “a superhero”

Wherever there is vision, there is also a life of honesty and integrity ~ Oswald Chambers

Of course I didn’t want to say anything yesterday and risk ruining the surprise, but I pulled off a surprise 45th (early) birthday party for my husband last night! We were separated during his last milestone birthday (40th), and so it only seemed fitting to do something special this year.

I’ll be honest, party organization isn’t my forte, and yesterday was totally stressful with the impending arrival of Tropical Storm Alberto and the President in town creating traffic nightmares, but in the end, we did it and he was happy (street tacos for the win!).

My daughter also had her first day of high school volleyball workouts (she made the team!) and while there is still some trepidation of walking into a new environment, I believe it will be a good transition for her.

I could have said “peace” or “trust”, but I keep going back to Matthew 6:33-34 and the phrase “do not worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble of its own”. Ultimately, worry says that we don’t trust God to do what He promises; I never want that to be said of me!

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The Daily Dash: May 30, 2018 {#SurpriseParty}

Hope you make it a great day!

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