The Daily Dash: October 16 2014 {Book Pitch}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, October 16 2014, the day is finally here! After a year and a half of development, my book is being pitched to publishers today…

The Daily Dash: October 16 2014

* 2nd Dallas nurse being treated at Emory University hospital; a fellow nurse in that Dallas hospital is coming forward to speaking out about the lack of protocol in the hospital where they both work. 75 hospital workers now being closely monitored.
* Hurricane in the Atlantic barrels towards Bermuda while Hawaii faces a hurricane of its own
* The Dow is also reacting to the Ebola scare, falling more than 400 points on Wednesday
* #Fangate: Republican Gov. Rick Scott at first refused to take the stage during the Florida Gubernatorial debate because his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist, had a fan behind his podium.

* Husband is on the road again – please pray for him as well as our family while he’s gone
* Not only finishing up speeches at Lipscomb, but also giving out my Midterm Exam, so you can pray for my students too!
* …but if you’re going to pray for anything today, PLEASE pray for my book that is being ‘pitched’ today to publishers.


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The Daily Dash October 16 2014 {Book Pitch}


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