The Daily Dash: October 2, 2017 {Shingles Signs, Symptoms & Diagnosis}

by brenna

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The nation is in mourning and I spent the morning in the ER…

The Daily Dash: October 2, 2017 {Shingles Signs, Symptoms & Diagnosis}

* Shooter kills 58, wounds 500+, in Las Vegas near Mandalay Bay during Route 91 Harvest Festival, becoming deadliest mass-shooting in US History.

It is in the place of humiliation that we find our true worth to God-that is where our faithfulness is revealed – Oswald Chambers

Disclosure: this does not constitute medical advice, but simply reflects my personal experience.
I haven’t been feeling myself for awhile now and even went to the doctor a couple weeks ago, but was just told it was my thyroid. But yesterday I started feeling even worse, including feeling like my skin was ‘breaking out’ on the back of my head and right side of my neck. In fact, the entire read side of my head, neck, ear and arm felt tingly, burning and sensitive. It even hurt just to lay on my right ear in bed.

This morning, I woke up to multiple pea-sized bumps in the right side of my neck and the pain worsened, so my husband took me to the ER. After just a couple of questions and a quick look, I was told I was in the early stages of Shingles. I previously thought this was only something for people over 60, but it turns out if you’ve had the chicken pox, you’re more likely to get shingles – especially if you’re under stress (I know, I know…).

All this to say, I’ll be laying low for a little while. I’m sharing this because I really had no idea what shingles was and they doctor said if I’d waited another day or two, it could have been much worse. Moral of the story: trust your gut and ask for help!

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The Daily Dash: October 2, 2017 {#Shingles Signs, Symptoms & Diagnosis}

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