The Daily Dash: October 22 2014 {@ChicagoMusical}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, October 22 2014,  I’m home from #ThinkTank14, experienced a Broadway musical with a fabulous friend, and am back to work today to make sure everything I just experienced wasn’t in vain..

The Daily Dash: October 22 2014

* New ebola scare; airline passenger from Liberia now in isolation from NJ while NBC freelance cameraman has been cleared of the disease
* 3 American teenage girls detained in Germany-believed to be on their way to Syria to join up with ISIS
* Legendary editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, dies
* Noreaster threatens the East Coast with heavy wind and rain for the next 48 hours
* Giants take game one of the World Series; Game 2 is tonight

* Back home from #ThinkTank14
* Hosting my Freeway online Small Group tonight
* Saw “Chicago” at TPAC last night with one of my best friends here in Nashville. While there was a little more ‘colorful’ language than I remember, it was quintessential Fosse and quite a feat considering there was no set on stage other than the orchestra set up in multi-level formation on stage; It allowed us to simply focus on the choreography & music (and of course, the costumes 🙂 Chicago runs at TPAC from October 21-26.

(TPAC provided me with 2 tickets to see Chicago, but no expectation was made about providing anything in return – I just wish I had the flexibility to be on stage with those girls!)

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The Daily Dash October 22, 2014 {@ChicagoMusical}


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