The Daily Dash: October 27 2014 {Manic Monday}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, October 27 2014, …is it really Monday morning again? I’m not exactly thrilled about that fact, but had some sweet moments with my son this morning that brought me back to reality…

The Daily Dash: October 27 2014

* NJ nurse who just returned from West Africa is being isolated in a tent outside of NJ hospital
* School shooting in Washington state on Friday: one student killed before the shooter killed himself. Another student died in the hospital yesterday.
* Evacuations in place for mainland Hawaii because of lava flow

* Not gonna lie – feeling a bit overwhelmed this Monday morning. Went to sit outside on the front stoop and when my son joined me, he reminded me of our devotion from Jesus Calling for Kids about how not to worry about the future; God gives us grace for this moment.
* My husband comes home tonight!
* Upward football awards ceremony this evening

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The Daily Dash October 27 2014 {Manic Monday}

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