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The Daily Dash: October 28 2015 {#DisneyDreamTreats}

In today’s Daily Dash video, October 28 2015, Today will be a day of connecting, mentoring and treating…

The Daily Dash: October 28 2015 {#DisneyDreamTreats}

* republican national debate in Colorado tonight with Carson leading the polls
* World Series delayed- Royals when longest game in World Series history
* Prince Harry to join Michelle Obama and Joe Biden in supporting wounded warriors in Virginia

* It’s amazing to me how many packages and how much mail is still going to our old address, but I just received a package from Disney Interactive that I had to share with you. Not only did they evoke some of my Disney food favorites in real form (Dole Whip & Churros), but you can now interact with these tasty treats in game form! I’ll be the first to admit I usually chide people for playing apps on their phones, but the thought of reliving my favorite Disney desserts and treats might just have me trying this one out (or at least watching my son as he plays it 🙂

* I’ll also be connecting with a friend who just moved here and possibly enlisting her to help me with my TV segment for this Friday. After that I’ll be headed back to Lipscomb’s campus to mentor a student and meet with another. In a time where I’m having trouble making sense of my own emotions, I’m glad I’m in a spot where I can focus on others’ needs.

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The Daily Dash: October 28, 2015 {#DisneyDreamTreats}

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