The Daily Dash: October 3, 2017 {#PrayForLasVegas}

by brenna

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Recovering from the fiery pain today…

The Daily Dash: October 3, 2017 {#PrayForLasVegas}

* Search for answers in Las Vegas, while dozens of victims still fight for their lives
* Tom Petty dies of heart attack, just one week after finishing his tour
* President Trump visits Puerto Rico today

As soon as we obey, we have discernment – Oswald Chambers

Yesterday was uncomfortable and foggy, to say the least. I’m not normally one to jump into taking medicine, but when there is something specific that can be identified like Shingles, I welcome the opportunity to fix the issues and relieve the pain.

That being said, I was prescribed 4 medications (an anti-viral, a steroid, a pain medication and an anti-nausea when taking the pain meds) – I took the first two right away as directed. I waited on the pain meds because I was told they would make me groggy and I was already feeling pretty out of it. I ended up taking half a pill before bed and it was pretty awful; didn’t make me sleepy, but definitely more foggy, so I can’t say I’ll be taking that again.

However, I am happy to report that I woke up with my skin feeling much less on fire today. My pain and itching is still present, but my head/neck/skin are much less sensitive and prickly…which is such a horrible feeling! I’m also grateful to all my friends here in Nashville and online who have sent up prayers and offered to help. I continue to learn so much about hospitality and friendship from each of you!

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The Daily Dash: October 3, 2017 {#PrayForLasVegas}

Hope you make it a great day!

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