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The Daily Dash: October 7 2015 {Dad in ICU}

In today’s Daily Dash video, October 7 2015, I received devastating news after speaking at Lipscomb last night…

The Daily Dash: October 7 2015 {Dad in ICU}

* Russia accused of trying to sell nuclear arms to ISIS
* SC dams of verge of breaking
* Stand Up comedian confesses to lying about being in WTC on 9/11

* If you saw on Instagram, I was privileged to be ask to speak to a group of adjunct faculty members at Lipscomb University last night, but as soon as I got of the stage, I found emergency texts from two of my brothers.

* I immediately placed a phone cone call and discovered my brother in Los Angeles (who my dad was staying with) found my dad unconscious in a pool of vomit, was rushed to the hospital & they discovered immense bleeding on the brain. He actually made it through the craniotomy surgery, so that’s huge praise, but last I heard, he is still unconscious on a ventilator.

* He is almost 89 years old and while I’d always imagined him to be invincible, a surgery like he just went through is hard to recover from for anyone. If you’re the praying kind, would you please send up some prayers for my family and my dad, Jerry?

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The Daily Dash: October 7, 2015 {Dad in ICU}

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