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The Daily Dash: September 21 2015 {One Car Woes}

In today’s Daily Dash video, September 21 2015, When we left the house this morning I was extolling the virtues of having one car; now, I’m a little less enthusiastic…

The Daily Dash: September 21 2015 {One Car Woes}

* Emmy awards: Jon Hamm, Game of Thrones & Veep winners
* Jackie Collins dies
* Pope meets with Fidel Castro on his second day in Cuba

* As I got in the car this morning, I said how, despite the extra effort to coordinate schedules, I liked the togetherness of having one car. Now, just a couple hours into my day, I’m questioning how long we can make this work. It would be different if we did the same things at the same time each day, but with varying work and school schedules, I’m finding it a bit more challenging. Still, in the grand scheme of things, I’m grateful we can a car at all!

* It could also be due to the fact I’m worn out after all my ‘volunteering’ this weekend. Between coaching cheerleading, hosting a neighborhood block party, the MNPS first choice festival and serving as captain for my son’s first JTT matches, I’m pooped! To be honest, I’m also a bit disappointed that because of the roles I’m serving in my kids’ activities, I haven’t gotten any pictures of them actually doing said activities. Again, it’s not like I’m organizing building wells in Africa, but it’s my lot in life right now, so I had to vent.

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The Daily Dash: September 21, 2015 {One Car Woes}

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