The Gospel According to the Bachelorette {The Daily Dash: July 16, 2019}

by brenna

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I can’t remember the last time I heard Jesus and sex mentioned so much together on national TV…

The Gospel According to the Bachelorette {The Daily Dash: July 16, 2019}


* Game of Thrones earns historic 32 Emmy nominations
* Bachelor Nation is abuzz over alleged contestant girlfriends and sex talk
* Final Amazon Prime Day
* National Personal Chef Day


My vision of God is dependent upon the condition of my character ~ Oswald Chambers


I’ll admit it: I was one of the millions who watched The Bachelorette on ABC last night. I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to see what everyone had been buzzing about based on the previews.

As you’d guess, the blow up between Luke P. and Hannah came at the very end of the show. Luke asked her to confirm with her words what he expected and anticipated: that because of her faith, she hadn’t slept with any of the guys on the show. That didn’t go over too well.

Not only did Hannah admit to “f*****g…twice” (y’all know how I feel about bad language), but she said her husband would never say to her what Luke did.

I’m not here to take sides or have a theological discussion, but scenes like this validate why non-Christians think Christians are crazy! We espouse to believe the same things, when really, our thoughts and actions run a wide spectrum. Granted, no-one can ever truly be like Jesus, but what’s a young Christian in love to do? Especially in 2019?

I think the bigger picture is this: our beliefs are exactly that: our beliefs. We cannot impose them upon anyone else. And we should do our best to put feet where our faith is and actually live out what we say.

At the same time, I’m not sure how two people in a fishbowl on TV who’ve spent 6 weeks together can get a full understanding of either party or what they truly stand for.

All that to say, what I watched last night is not that uncommon of what’s happening everywhere today. Whether the issue is sex, immigration, education or basic human rights, we’d do well by living in a consistent manner ourselves while having empathy for those whose shoes we have yet to walk in.

While I don’t agree with how either Luke or Hannah handled themselves, I’m ultimately not looking for them to define my faith. When I fix my eyes on Jesus, that’s when I know I’m walking in truth and the rest just falls away.

PRAYER FOCUS: Perspective
We don’t know what we don’t know. I pray we all stay rooted in God’s truth while appreciating others perspectives and loving them in the way we wish to be loved.

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The Gospel According to the Bachelorette {The Daily Dash: July 16, 2019} #TheBachelorette

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