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The Transition from School to Summer

last-day-schoolIt’s official, the transition from school to summer has begun in the Cone Home!

Our first child just completed her first year of school, so we’re now in a place we’ve never been before – going from a highly scheduled day to days of play.

In my desperate attempt to seek out help, I put the call on Twitter to more experienced moms. My simple request, “How do you transition your kids from school to summer?”

One special mom not only answered, but she wrote an entire blog post on the topic!

My favorite of her top 7 list is #5:

5. Enjoy the moments.  They will not last long; savor the time and have fun with your children.  Write “Enjoy the moments” on a card for  your frig or kitchen window to keep this thought in the forefront of your mind; especially when sibling rivalry breaks out.

To read the rest of her awesome list of maximizing your summertime moments, read her full post on Summer Sanity