Staying Safe Online: Protecting Yourself & Your Family

by Sami

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Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of our lives online. But do you really understand the effect it’s having on you and your family? More than that, do you know how to protect yourself and your kids? We’re talking today with someone who does…

Titania Jordan is a parenting in a tech world expert. And while she is an expert in this online tech space, ultimately, we’re just two moms who are living and raising kids in the midst of this craziness!

On The Sami Cone Show, Titania discussed some important details parents need to know to protect their families online:

Know the Points of Access: All the ways your kids can access the web

  1. School
  2. Smartphone
  3. Burner phones
  4. Dangerous Apps and Secret Apps to hide other Apps

Dangerous apps include Chat live, Chitter, Holla, Omegle, and Calculator plus – a secret app that lets you get into other apps.

Here is a summary of All the Options Available to Parents to help keep kids safe online…

Free with Internet Service Provider

  1. Look at what safety controls are built into your TV
  2. Pay attention to all the options to block certain websites/certain content

Paid Options

Options like Circle or different routers can help you block access in certain areas. Keep in mind, these options are based on location.

Content Analysis

Software like Bark helps analyze content on your kids devices and on their social accounts, regardless of where they are.

It’s also helpful to be a part of a community like the Parenting in a Tech World Facebook group. One of my favorite features is how the Bark team keeps us updated on language and terms kids are using these days. It may make me feel old, but it sure does keep me in the know!

Bark is offering The Sami Cone Show viewers a free 7-day trial, plus 20% off a Bark subscription when you use the code SAMICONE.

Learn more about Bark and the unique offer in my Bark Discount Code post.

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