Thursday's Thrifty Thought

by Sami

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Don’t spend more on a purse than you have to put in it!

I have a passion for purses. Well, any kind of bag, actually. I like to be ready for any occassion, so the more pouches and pockets the better. People have even admired my purses, asking how many hundreds of dollars I’ve paid for them. My reply is simple, “You obviously don’t know me very well. I never spend more on a purse than I have to put in it!”

I rarely have more than $20 cash in my wallet, because I find cash is easier to spend when you have a lot of it on hand (brilliant concept, I know). So, I rarely ever spend more than $20 on a purse, wallet, or even shoes for that matter. I know that my tastes change frequently and because I have a hard time resisting a great bag, I feel better knowing that I didn’t spend a month’s salary on it! Try to keep you money in your purse, not invested in it! 

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