Swine Flu & Blackouts

by Sami

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So…have you missed me? While I’ve tried to keep the posts plentiful while I’ve been in Florida, there have been a few obstacles in my way. To start off, I don’t have internet access where I’m staying, so it makes it harder for me to find and post deals.

To compound matters, my daughter started feeling sick a couple days ago, and when her fever spiked in the middle of the night, I thought it best to take her to our old pediatrician here. Sure enough – H1N1 struck our family. To top it all off, I’m actually writing this during a blackout (which hopefully means that by the time you read this, all electricity will be restored!). It’s ok, it just reminds me of good ole hurricane season here in south Florida and makes me that much more thankful that we get to spend the majority of our time in Nashville now!

But seriously, I am thankful that we caught the flu quickly and that our favorite “physician’s assistants”, Ms. Shirley & Angie, were able to work us in to our pediatrician’s office and have the flu test done. Now Kariss has already started on the TamiFlu, but I’ve also made a quick trip to a local health food store to stock up on vitamins and other assorted items to ensure (to the best of our ability) that Britton and I can stay healthy too!

Which brings me back to a prior post, even though it seems like eating right and taking care of yourself can be quite expensive, I guarantee it’s much more expensive to get sick and then have to get yourself well after the fact! This little episode (at least I hope it turns out to be a little episode; pray with me that Kariss bounces back quickly) has reminded and reenergized me to focus more on our overall family health. It’s so easy to stock up on convenience foods that you wouldn’t normally buy when you can get them for free. But if you rely on that for the bulk of your meals, your body will quickly pay the price.

I read in a magazine today that if you pay attention to what you eat 90% of the time, the other 10% isn’t that big a deal; it’s when those percentages are reversed that you have to be concerned. I’m a firm believer that God made our bodies to heal themselves, but in order for that to happen we need to keep them in their original working order! This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t still gladly accept a Dr. Pepper or Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin if they were sitting in front of me, but I am going to do a better job on making sure my family’s nutrition tanks are filled instead of just filling their stomachs with whatever I can fix the fastest.

How are you staying healthy this season? Please share your tips and especially any good recipes that are booth soothing and nutritious!

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