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Thursday's Thrifty Thought: August 27, 2009

Use What You’ve Got

I know you can take this to mean a lot of different things, but I have one very specific thing in mind today.

Have you ever received a gift card that you forgot about? Or been given a coupon for a free item that expired before you could use it?

I’m the first one to say that you can’t take advantage of every deal and every coupon, but if you have a true Freebie, make sure you do everything possible to take advantage of it! You wouldn’t just leave a $5 bill on the ground, would you? Then don’t let a $5 gift card swim around in the bottom of your purse or live under your junk mail pile!

Often times, retailers will use coupons like “$5 off a purchase of $5 or more” to lure you into the store, hoping that you’ll spend a lot more than $5. However, when a similar situation happened to me with a World Market coupon last month, I used that coupon to get 2 large bottles of Soy Sauce…and only paid about 30 cents for tax!

So make sure you keep those “FREE” coupons and gift cards in a special place to ensure they’ll be used – or better yet – give them to someone who you know will benefit from it!