Titans Play for Division Championship! {The Daily Dash: January 13, 2020}

by brenna

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No-one predicted this could ever happen…

Titans Play for Division Championship! {The Daily Dash: January 13, 2020}


* Royal Family gathers for emergency summit
* Critics Choice Awards given out in Santa Monica last night; Tina & Amy to host Golden Globes in 2021
* Oscar Nominations announced
* NFL Divisional playoff teams now set: Titans vs. Chiefs & 49ers vs. Packers
* National Pizza Week


God will never allow you to keep a spiritual blessing completely for yourself ~ Oswald Chambers


A large majority of our weekend was spent watching football and what a weekend of games it was! Not only did our hometown Tennessee Titans beat the #1 team in the NFL this year (Ravens), but now we’re playing for the division championship.

I’m excited and nervous that we’re playing the Kansas City Chiefs. Because my dad lived most of my life in KC, they’ve always been a team I cheer for when one of my teams isn’t playing, but I’m a little nervous to go up against Mahomes. Still, if anyone can pull off an upset, the Titans have proved they can do exactly that the past two weeks.

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PRAYER FOCUS: Collaboration
After watching teamwork in action all weekend, I pray that you would be open to collaborate with those around you.

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Titans Play for Division Championship! {The Daily Dash: January 14, 2020} #TitanUp

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