Ultimate UNC Sports Weekend {Daily Dash: November 21, 2022}

by Sami

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Instead of just picking up our girl for Thanksgiving break, we caught some UNC sporting events too…

Ultimate UNC Sports Weekend {Daily Dash: November 21, 2022}


  • Mass shooting at LGBTQ club in Colorado
  • 2022 World Cup underway in Qatar
  • Taylor Swift won all awards she was nominated for at AMAs (& Disney Star Dove Cameron won New Artist of the Year)
  • World Television Day


If I want to know the universal sovereignty of Christ, I must know Him myself – Oswald Chambers


We made another special family memory this weekend. My son finished school on Friday, so we decided to drive up to UNC to take in a football and basketball game before driving our girl home for Thanksgiving Break.

We had an incredible time at both, although the football game didn’t turn out how we hoped. We are going to enjoy a little more time in Chapel Hill until K gets done with classes and then we’ll head home to start cooking all the things!

PRAYER FOCUS: Prayerfulness

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Ultimate UNC Sports Weekend {Daily Dash: November 21, 2022}

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