What's Cookin': 11/23

by Sami

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Yeah! It’s Thanksgiving week! What a wonderful time of year this is. I am truly blessed to be in such a beautiful city with my family and I plan on counting ALL my blessings as we celebrate Thanksgiving in a new home and a new city this year.

The menu plan isn’t too innovative this week as I’m trying to once again eat out of our freezer and our stockpile to prepare room for later in the week. While I plan on doing a post later on what our Thanksgiving dinner will consist of, I can tell you that as of my conversation with my husband last night, his wish list is as follows:
Turkey (I know, shocker…I can see you’re riveted to learn more!), gravy, dressing, baked corn, garlic green beans, mashed potatoes,  roasted parsnips & carrots, hash brown casserole, mac & cheese, cranberry salad, rolls, greens, deviled eggs, lima beans, pea salad and of course, lots of pie!

There are 2 major concerns I have with this “wish list”:
1. I don’t eat or know how to make half of those items
2. There are only 4 of us, with only 2 others who have confirmed that hey are joining us thus far, so I think I’d need to invite about 23 others if we hoped to eat all that food!
Stay tuned later in the week to find out what the final menu will be and I may even divulge some family recipes!

Monday Cereal & Craisins Cheese & Crackers with yogurt Pot roast with carrots, mashed potatoes & Cheesy Brussel sprouts
Tuesday Oatmeal with raisins & honey Chicken Salad sandwiches Ravioli with balsamic brown butter, crispy kale (kale recipe)
Wednesday Greek Yogurt with honey PB&J on rice cakes Beef Fajitas (with left over pot roast)
Thursday Fruit oatmeal appetizers for…. THANKSGIVING!
Friday Cereal & Fruit Turkey sandwiches Leftovers
Saturday Egg Sandwiches Crispy Chicken salad Dinner out after church
Sunday Waffles with strawberries Turkey noodle soup Chicken Parmesean over pasta

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