Why Adults Should Buy Pillow Pets {The Daily Dash: December 19, 2018}

by brenna

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Just in case you thought Pillow Pets were just for kids…

Why Adults Should Buy Pillow Pets {The Daily Dash: December 19, 2018}

* Legendary actress & director, Penny Marshall, died at the age of 75 from diabetes complications
* Rare tornado touched down in Washington
* The Voice winner was crowned last night (Chevel)
* Facebook reportedly shared users private information
* National Hard Candy Day

My relationship to God in the first place is an inner, personal one, not an intellectual one ~ Oswald Chambers

I am not ashamed to admit I still sleep with a stuffed animal each night; just like some people sleep with a pillow between their legs to help their back, I sleep with a stuffed animal (a Stitch I bought at a previous Disney Social Media Moms event) to help position my arms and neck.

But then I heard about Pillow Pets. It’s literally what I’ve been looking for – my beloved stuffed Disney friends, but with the ability to transform into a pillow!

I know what you’re thinking: Sami, these are meant for young children. But just like the magic of Disney, I believe they can lend a smile and a helping hand (or paw) to anyone.

In fact, just last week I saw one of my son’s friends with two pillow pets on his crutches to help his underarms from hurting – brilliant! (I’m not a doctor, this does not constitute medical advice and I’m sure Pillow Pets does not endorse this technique – #JustSayin – but I thought it was brilliant).

So when I was asked if I wanted a Pillow Pet of my own, I said yes right away and requested my friend Sully from Monsters, Inc. & Monsters University for several reasons: he’s naturally cuddly, he’s my favorite colors, and who better to protect me from bad dreams while I sleep?

Will I share my new Pillow Pet with my kids? Maybe. Am I more likely to buy them their own this Christmas so I don’t have to share? Most definitely.

So whether you’re looking for a travel companion for your kids or just a super-soft chenille toy you’ll never want to put down, pick up a Pillow Pet for someone you love today!

You can get the Sully Pillow Pet (and so many of your favorite Disney characters) from Amazon now (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2S4DO7z

A fitting follow-up to yesterday’s prayer for joy, as I think about relaxing with my new Pillow Pet and that feeling of contentment when you’re surrounded by those you love, I simply pray peace over each of you today.

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Why Adults Should Buy Pillow Pets {The Daily Dash: December 19, 2018} #PillowPets

Hope you make it a great day!

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