Why Kyiv not Kiev {The Daily Dash: March 8, 2022}

by Sami

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As someone with family from Ukraine, I never even knew the proper pronunciation of the capital city…

Why Kyiv not Kiev {The Daily Dash: March 8, 2022}


  • Oil (& gas) prices reach highest level in history amidst turmoil in Kyiv
  • Dolly Parton hosted ACM awards
  • “The Batman” earned over $1M at this weekend’s box office
  • NASA is offering to send your name to the moon for free! Get your boarding pass here.
  • International Women’s Day


If what we call love doesn’t take us beyond ourselves, it’s not really love ~ Oswald Chambers


My grandmother was born in Kyiv and yet I never knew that Kiev was technically the Russian spelling/pronunciation. She passed away at the age of 92 when I was in college, so I never got to hear a lot of her stories of her youth. And to be honest, I learned more Yiddish from her than anything else. But if you were wondering why the newscasters all of a sudden switched how they pronounced Ukraine’s capital city, it’s because Kiev is the Russian pronunciation and spelling, while Kyiv (KEE-eve) is the Ukrainian spelling and pronunciation.

I know it can feel overwhelming when such heartbreaking events are happening on the other side of the world, but if you’re wanting to help, start by asking. Ask your church, neighbors or community group. Find great organizations on the front lines. And remember, there are always people hurting at home that need our help too.

PRAYER FOCUS: Heart for Missions

As we continue to pray for all the people of Ukraine, I pray you look for ways to connect in your local church and community to make a difference in your neighborhood and around the world.

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Why Kyiv not Kiev {March 8, 2022}

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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