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Catch Nashville Hot Fish while you can at Captain Ds!


Nashville is known for a lot of things: country music, Southern charm, and yes, even hipsters. But more than that, they’ve blazed the trail for a food trend that’s sweeping the nation: Nashville Hot Chicken. So wouldn’t it only make sense that a company founded in Nashville almost half a century ago would embrace the trend and salute both Nashville …

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So You Think You Can Dance Tour Nashville Review


Last night, the family and I went to TPAC for the So You Think You Can Dance Tour Nashville show. We didn’t realize you were allowed to take photos until the second act (yes, there was almost three hours of dancing!), so what we lacked in the first half of the show, we more than made up for in the …

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What I’m Reading: October 2015

What I'm Reading October 2015

I always have a stack of books on my nightstand I’m working through. In fact, my mentor once said she has been mentored by the top minds and hearts in the world because they’re only ever a book away! As I recently sought book suggestions from friends, I thought it would be a good idea to track what I’m reading …

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The Mutts Winter Diaries Giveaway

mutts sleepshirt kariss

As the mom of two tweens, I’m always looking for ways to keep their noses out of electronic devices and into books. But let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of reading material I can get my 9 year old son and 11 year old daughter to agree on. However, one thing they’ve taken an interest in lately are graphic …

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Invent It. Build It. #WE15 Nashville Family 4 Pack Giveaway

invent it build it nashville

I have an 11 year old daughter in the 6th grade. Unlike her outgoing mother at her age, Kariss isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do or be when she “grows up”. What she does know is that she loves animals, anything having to do with the ocean and Hawaii. She’ll tell you herself she’s good at math and …

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International Festivals in Nashville September 2015

nashville international festivals

There are even more international festivals in Nashville this weekend and I received an email from a colleague of mine at Lipscomb University that summed it up so well, I wanted to share it with you. Our family went to the Greek festival last weekend and not only was it a GORGEOUS night (in the 50’s!), our kids – while initially hesitant …

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CitruSolution Review: Nashville’s Natural Carpet Cleaner


There is no doubt that moving can be stressful, but in all the moves we have made over the years, there are a few non-negotiables, all of which have to do with cleaning three key areas of the home: The air ducts, the walls, and the floors. In fact, we almost didn’t buy the home that we lived in for …

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Disney Studios Short Films Collection Review {In Kids’ Words}

WaltDisney Studios Animation Short Films Collection

One of our family’s most anticipated Disney DVDs releases today! That’s right, you can now buy the Walt Disney Animated Short Films Collection. You know – those short films that appear before the main event of your favorite Disney animated feature? I’m not lying when those are LITERALLY what I most look forward to when a new Disney film comes …

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Top AC Tips & Free Consultation from Service Experts

Service Experts Tips

One thing our family has struggled with when it comes to our home in the past year has been our air conditioner. Even after replacing the unit last summer, we’ve constantly dealt with issues ranging from the unit holding the temperature the thermostat is set on to strange smells emanating from the vents. And since I’m not a HVAC specialist …

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New Turbo Fast episodes zoom onto Netflix | Free Activity Sheets

turbo fast free activity sheet

On July 31st, Turbo and his crew took Turbotown by storm in the all-new season of DREAMWORKS TURBO FAST, premiering exclusively. The world’s coolest snails take a turn off the track and set off on a wild ride filled with hilarious hijinks at every turn. You’ll laugh out loud when they launch into outer space, battle an apocalyptic robot, clash …

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