40 Days of Summer Devotionals

by Sami

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Summer (for those of us with school-aged children) lasts about 60 days. It might be unrealistic to expect our kids to follow a devotional plan for each of those days, but these 40 days of summer devotionals should set your kids on the right course.

summer devotionals 40 days

Even if school isn’t out for your family yet, I’m betting you can feel it quickly approaching. Whether it’s within your own kids who are counting down the days to the last day of school or watching friends’ kids hold up those ‘last day of school’ signs in pictures on Facebook, summer is in the air.

Summer Structure for Kids

And while I personally love the feeling of freedom that summer brings for our kids, we can’t ignore the fact that kids still thrive on some form of structure.

I’m not saying you need to continue to plot and plan out your summer days minute by minute, but if something is important to you, it needs to be thought out ahead of time in order to be achieved.

Depending on your kids’ ages, this may look different, but the truth remains that you need a summer spiritual growth plan. It may not look the same as it does during the school year, but there needs to be a plan nonetheless.

Start a Summer Spiritual Growth Plan

My suggestion? Start a summer spiritual growth plan this June for 40 days.

If your kids aren’t out of school by June, you can start later, but I would still hold true to the 40 days.

Why? The number 40 has wealth of spiritual significance:
* Moses was in the desert 40 years before he lead his people out of slavery
* Jonah warned Nineveh about its destruction for 40 days
* Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights
* Jesus appeared to his disciples 40 days after his resurrection

40 Days of Summer Devotionals

And while your summer is likely longer than just 40 days, it is a timeline fraught with significance in the Christian faith and gives your kids a tangible ‘countdown’ of sorts.

So what will this 40-day spiritual growth plan consist of?

Read the full post and find out details of my summer family spiritual growth plan at Rooted Family or read “Teaching Kids About the Character and Names of God” on Faith Gateway.

Recommended Resource:

If you need help getting started with a devotional that remains true to God’s word but is relatable to younger children, I suggest looking into the I Am Devotional: 100 Devotions About the Names of God by Diane Stortz.

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