5 Step Plan to Storm Proof Your House

by Sami

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Don’t get caught in the dark without power! This 5 step plan to storm proof your house is courtesy of my interview with Karrie Greene of Generator Supercenter of Nashville, the locally-owned, #1 Generac dealer in US.

5 Steps to storm proof your house

The 5 P’s to Stormproof your Home before the Storms Come

1. Plan

  • Have an emergency plan in place that you communicate to everyone in the home.
  • Keep up with the weather reports.
  • When sirens start, keep calm and take shelter.
  • Make sure all necessary documents are easily accessible in a weatherproof box.

2. People

Next, make sure to walk through the plan with each member of your household so they know their individual role, what they have to bring and where they need to go.

3. Pets

Figure out how to easily gather your pets and get what they will need during a storm, including food, carrier, etc. It’s also important to know what storm shelters accept pets in case you have to evacuate during the storm.

Photo credit: WPTV.com

4. Protocol

Pare of your pre-storm preparedness is to think through steps for after the storm, such as: how to access local shelters, get more medicine, communicate with out-of-state family, etc.

Generac whole home generator installed by Generator Supercenter of Nashville

5. Protect

The BEST way to stormproof your home is to PROTECT it with a whole home generator.

Most people don’t think about getting a generator for their home until they need it and by then, it’s too late.

As soon as there’s a disruption in power, the whole-house generator from Generator Supercenter of Nashville comes on to effectively ensure you’re never left in the dark. With routine maintenance, remote diagnostics and 24/7 monitoring, they’re always ready to help.

Safety from Storms in All Seasons

While we know hurricane season runs from June through November and Nashville storm season is typically bad in July & August, the truth is bad storms can knock out power in any season.

Case in point, Nashville had a “Snowpocalypse” this past February and some of us were stuck in our homes for over a week. Many went without power for days.

Even worse was the March 2020 tornado & May 2020 derecho. We lost power for almost three weeks because of the storm in May. Even though a friend let us borrow a generator, it only kept our refrigerator going for 8 hours.

Not only did we lose hundreds of dollars of food, we had to relocate out of state so I could work and the kids could finish virtual school. If we’d had a generator that powered the entire house, we could have saved a lot of time and money, not to mention our sanity.

And if you have elderly relatives, imagine the safety this would provide them. With 1-day installation plus assistance and diagnostics at the touch of a button, you and your loved ones never have to be without A/C or heat after a storm again.

Peace of Mind with Generator Supercenter

If you’re ready to invest in your home AND give your family the ultimate peace of mind, turn to the experts at Generator Supercenter of Nashville, The Standby Power People.

Don’t wait to reach out to Karrie and her team by calling 615-879-1952 or visiting GeneratorSupercenterOfNashville.com

And if you want to check out the whole home generators for yourself, make plans to attend the Grand Opening of Generator of Supercenter of Nashville on July 23 & 24. They’ll have food trucks, giveaways and more!

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