Brandi Chastain Olympic Preview: TV Interview

by Sami

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If you love the Olympics as much as I do, buckle up for this Brandi Chastain Olympic preview. In our TV interview, I talked to the 2-time Olympic Gold medalist and World Cup Champion about everything from what it’s like to represent the USA to the current state of women in sports.

After her penalty kick that won the US Women’s Soccer Team the 1999 World Cup and lead to that epic sports bra moment, Brandi transcended the sport of soccer.

Today, Brandi continues to be a champion of all things Team USA & sport, as well as a mom, grandma (yes, you heard that right), philanthropist, advocate and entrepreneur.

I could have talked to Brandi for an hour, but we packed a lot into 5 minutes including:

  • What it means to her, even years later, to be an Olympian
  • What she remembers most and what people would never know about the pressure that comes from being an Olympian
  • Lessons from her time in competitive sports and how she passes those on to her kids and implemets them still today
  • Insights into the minds of the Olympians who have had to wait and train for an extra year
  • What she’s most excited about when it comes to the Tokyo games

Brandi also told us about a cause clost to her heart, BAWSI, and her new startup venture, CityCheers.

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