5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Unique & Affordable

by Sami

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I asked and you answered! I took your survey answers to compile this list of 5 ways to make this Valentine’s Day unique and affordable.

5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Unique & Affordable

After combing through all the responses, I combined your most popular answers to come up with the following five Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Make it Practical

The number one thing you wanted for Valentine’s Day was a practical gesture. Create a coupon for doing something your spouse doesn’t like to do (redeemable whenever they choose). Your suggestions included unloading the dishwasher for a year or even blank coupons redeemable for whatever you want.

You can get free printable Valentine’s Day coupons I created as well. Just click the link to go to that post and get the love coupons for free!

free love coupon
Sample of one of the Valentine’s Day coupons you can print for free

2. Plan an Experience

DO something instead of CONSUMING something or BUYING something. You’ll save even more money by scheduling it on a day other than Valentine’s Day.

A few ideas include:

  • Paint your own pottery or learn to paint class
  • wine tasting
  • Broadway touring show (like Broadway at TPAC)
  • Songwriter’s Night

3. Serve Others

Several of the people I interviewed said they like to take the day to focus on others. We all remember Valentine’s days when we didn’t have someone to celebrate with (& the truth is many of us are still in this boat).

One of my favorite answers came from Julie. She anonymously sent boxes of chocolates to a women’s shelter. Another idea was to send notes of encouragement to an assisted living facility. Still others of you thought to make and take a meal to a single mom.

4. Take a Trip

Take a day trip – or plan a trip for a later day – just do the reveal on Valentine’s Day. A fun way to do this is to get a frame representing the place you want to visit and draw a picture to put in it. You could even get a postcard from the destination.

5. Bushes Instead of Bouquets

Many women said they’d rather receive a bush they could plant rather than an expensive bouquet will die in a week. I’m helping you create affordable bouquets on this month’s show as well. But I loved Rose’s response that the best gift she ever received was three rose bushes.

You could also get herb planters or a nice potted plant for inside their home.

Remember CPA Before Valentine’s Day

No, I’m not telling you to talk to your CPA before Valentine’s Day to see how much money you have. I want you to have a talk with the one you love about 3 things before you do any shopping or planning:

  1. Communicate: Talk to your significant other to see what their expectations of the day are
  2. Prioritize: Ask what is wanted vs. what is realistic. For example, is it more important to do something on the day or to have/do what you want?
  3. Acknowledge: Even if you decide not to do something on the actual day, most people still appreciate some sort of an acknowledgement, whether it’s a card, special breakfast or even a treat in the lunchbox.

You can watch my entire segment on the February edition of The Sami Cone Show.

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