Adenomyosis Post-Op Update {Daily Dash: September 27, 2023}

by Sami

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I have good news to share post-op & an update on my Adenomyosis…

Adenomyosis Post-Op Update {Daily Dash: September 27, 2023}


I don’t mean to make this my medical journal, but I know how important it is to speak up about what we’re going through in our lives. That being said, it can be dangerous when you pretend Google is your doctor or just assume you have the same condition your friend has.

But for me, they didn’t find any cancer in the polyp or lining they removed, thank God! The underlying condition I do have, Adenomyosis, can only be cured with a hysterectomy, but we don’t have to jump to that just yet. I’m going to take a few months to observe my body following this surgery and see how it responds first.

On a separate note, Surprised by Oxford opens tonight! It has a limited theatrical engagement, so go see it so we can bring it to even more theaters. You can watch my honest review and my interview with Carolyn Weber, the author of the original memoir the movie is based on.


  • Retail stores, including target, closing amidst rise and shoplifting
  • Amazon being sued
  • Second Republican debate takes place tonight
  • World Tourism Day


A private relationship of worshipping God is the greatest essential element of spiritual fitness ~ Oswald Chambers

PRAYER FOCUS: Generosity

There is no way I could have gotten on camera yesterday. I cried too many tears and there was too much upheaval in my home. But here I am today, feeling better and feeling lighter! Everything happens for a reason and it makes us who we are. For that, I am supremely grateful.

Stay in the know on the go:

Adenomyosis Post-Op Update {Daily Dash: September 27, 2023}

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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