Adulting for Christians Book {The Daily Dash: April 14, 2020}

by brenna

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Adulting for Christians is a book every young adult needs to read during self-quarantine…

Adulting for Christians Book {The Daily Dash: April 14, 2020}


* Storms hit the Southeast, killing over 30
* Governor of TN extends Safer at Home through April 30
* Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden
* NFL agrees to virtual offseason
* National Dolphin Day


Our Lord’s cross is the gateway into His life ~ Oswald Chambers


On Tuesdays, I like to bring you new books, movies and media I can’t get enough of, and today is no different. Today, I’m especially proud to bring you a book by my friend, Jenny Ingram, “Adulting for Christians”.

You should also know the book is subtitled “An interactive guide to keeping the faith while learning the ropes”. Jenny and I both consider ourselves “OG bloggers”, so we go way back. And if you follow her on Instagram (@JennyOnTheSpot), you already know her enthusiasm and zest for life is as authentic as it is contagious.

There’s really no better time than now to read this book with the young adults you’re living with. Just listen to why Jenny wrote it:

“The hope with creating a faith-based book for millennials and Gen-Zs was to communicate the faithful, grateful heart of God. The purpose was (and is) not to beat them into believing or doing what some adult thinks they should be or do, but allow them to learn and move about their adulting space with Biblical encouragement and practical advice to consider.”

Life is good at bringing down the hammer on its own…this book exists to encourage the emerging adult believer as they start laying the foundation of their own path on their adulting journey.

It’s been nearly impossible to find a book that tackles this subject, much less from someone I trust. This book is worth every penny, along with every minute of your time.

You can buy Adulting for Christians on Amazon or wherever books are sold

I pray you are kind to others and yourselves today.

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Adulting for Christians Book {The Daily Dash: April 14, 2020}

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