After Christmas Sales & Thoughts {Daily Dash: December 28, 2022}

by Sami

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It’s been a minute, but I’m still here…

After Christmas Sales & Thoughts {Daily Dash: December 28, 2022}


  • Southwest cancels thousands of flights
  • Gas prices expected to continue to go down in coming year
  • Some online retailers tacking on fees for returns
  • National Call a Friend Day


I know I’ve been quiet lately. Some of that has been due to a lot of travel and events. Obviously some of that has simply been trying to stay present in the season.

In addition, I’ve been processing a few things and never want to post something online that isn’t authentic in my daily life and walk. As such, I’ve been turning inward. But just know that I’m here and doing my best to be real while also not overanalyzing all that is before me.

And if you haven’t ventured out to any of the After Christmas Sales, just know that everything is $.50 at Dollar Tree! If you need wrapping paper, bows, or bags for next year, this is the time to get it.


It is part of our moral education to see our prejudices put to death by His providence – Oswald Chambers

PRAYER FOCUS: Self-Discipline

As I prepare to head into the new year, I’ve been reflecting on this past year and thinking ahead. I looked up daily habits of successful people and one of those is self-discipline, especially when it comes to setting goals. I pray we all take stock in what we need to prioritize and stick to it.

Stay in the know on the go:

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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