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An Unorthodox Easter Story : Tommy Nelson March Blog


Today you can find me over at the Tommy Nelson blog with a bit of an Un-Orthodox Easter story. Growing up, I really didn’t give religion much of a chance…let alone a relationship with Christ. As an only child who grew up with parents of different religions (a Jewish father and an Anglican mother from England – neither of whom …

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Valentine’s Day Tommy Nelson Book Giveaway


It seems like a lot of you are un-crafty moms like me, so I decided to write a Valentine’s Day kids’ craft post over at TommyNelson.com to save all of you before the big day! Source: samicone.com via Sami Cone on Pinterest (For a full tutorial, read my Valentine’s Day Kids Card Pinterest Craft post). Before heading over to read …

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Colored vs. White Lights: My Tommy Nelson December Blog Post


My blog post over at Tommy Nelson this month tackles one of the most deeply debated Christmas dilemmas of all time: Colored or White lights? Go ahead, laugh if you want, but colored Christmas lights almost ended our marriage after 5 months. Well maybe that’s over-dramatizing it a bit, but they certainly caused an immense amount of strife during what …

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Thanksgiving: A Time for Thanks and Giving with your family


Thanksgiving represents so many things we love about this time of year, but sometimes we forget what is at its core: Thanks and Giving. This month, I’m back on the Tommy Nelson blog talking about exactly that…thanks and giving: We love to watch the leaves as the seasons change and more importantly, we love that family and friends tend to …

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The Activity Dilemma: Tommy Nelson September Blog

Only a few short months ago I was struggling to come up with a summer schedule that would optimize fun while still continue the learning process for my kids. Now we’re already back in school and instead of worrying about how to keep them occupied at home, I’m wondering how to keep them at home! It’s true, not only do …

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Tommy Nelson August Blog: School, The Yearly Dilemma

School is back in FULL swing! For me, being raised in the Chicago public school system and being proud to have graduated with over 400 students, it was mentally difficult to wrap my head around sending my daughter into a class of less than 20, much less at a private school. But years ago, before my kids were even school …

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The First Father’s Day: Tommy Nelson June Blog


This past Saturday was my husband’s birthday and Father’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought it only fitting to share what I wrote about The First Father’s Day on the Tommy Nelson blog for June: Even though I’ve always poked fun at elementary school graduations and the like, it was hard for my heart not to melt …

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