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Tommy Nelson blog: Anything but Routine

I Love being a Tommy-MommyI just wrote a new post over at the Tommy Nelson blog called “Anything but Routine…”

I originally joined the Tommy Nelson family last year after tragedy struck us all here in Nashville: a flood of epic proportions whose equal had not been seen in over a hundred years. As we all searched for ways to help our children through this tragedy, I was fortunate enough to be able to post on TommyNelson.com about the perspective I shared with my kids.

Now, I’m proud to be their “Tommy Mommy” and will be sharing on their blog monthly, along with some other great bloggers like Lindsay, Brandi, Amanda, Erin & Amy, about topics every mom ponders daily. Not only that, we’ll be bringing you our real-life experiences, whether they may be embarrassing or uplifting…all in an effort to show you that we’re just real moms too 🙂

This month’s topic is “Routine” – whether we had one over the summer and if we’re ready to get back to one now that school is getting ready to start again! But I think you’ll agree with me, even those of us with the best intentions have trouble devising and keeping up with a consistent routine.

It’s funny. I remember planning and dreaming about this perfect little environment I was going to create for my kids once school was out this summer.

I had it decided down to the half hour.

We were going to wake up, start our day with devotions, watch their favorite Disney show, then move on to breakfast, lessons, individual reading, crafts, outdoor activities and room clean up…….READ THE FULL POST AT TommyNelson.com